The Big Town Mall…

was a huge part of this community. It was the first indoor mall of the southwest and it was even the first to have air conditioning. When the mall first opened, it was anchored by Neiman Marcus and JCPenney, then known as “Penneys”. Over the years, Sanger Brothers (which became Sanger-Harris in 1961) and “Penneys” were joined by another anchor — in the late sixties or early seventies, Montgomery Ward built a new store. Although it was a great place to shop, the Big Town Mall was also a place that made a lot of memories for people all over the metroplex.

One woman has fond childhood experiences, and even had her first job at Big Town.
“As a kid I would help out when they had Santa or the Easter bunny by cutting the photos and putting them in Frames. I got paid in candy canes and candy Easter eggs. When I got older my first job was working the camera for Santa, yes I was Santa’s little helper. I was even the Easter bunny one year when ours quit. Thanks for letting me reminisce; I could go on for hours. Glad to know there are other wonderful stories out there.”

Another woman remembers something amazing about Big Town,
“My father was the electrical contractor who was in charge of the wiring of Big Town. He kept coming home and telling us about this new shopping center he was working on where all the stores were inside! It was hard for us to imagine. So we were right there for the opening. It was the most wonderful things I had ever seen.”

Stories like these are what inspire us to develop Big Town back into the form that it once was. This will be a place to spend time with loved ones, meet new people, discover new things and most importantly, create memories that last a lifetime.

Richard Gertson, director of community development believes in this project saying, “We are eager to have that property redeveloped and move forward …We see that site as one of the gateways into our community.”