About Big Town Weekends

A New Face for a Texas Tradition

Constructed in 1959, the Big Town Mall served as Dallas’ premiere shopping center, attracting families from clear across the Metroplex for weekends of relaxation and quality time with their loved ones. For over 40 years, Big Town proudly served Dallas as a social hub and Texas landmark, and had a hand in creating memories for thousands of families.

Now, in 2013, Big Town returns to serve Dallas locals as a place to come and experience the richness of our city’s culture in a location so fondly remembered by so many. Big Town Weekends aims to offer Dallas an exciting alternative to the usual city fare, bringing vendors, entertainers and educators together under one roof for weekly events and family fun

I literally grew up in that mall. I’ll never forget all the day-long Saturdays when I would pay a dollar to see one movie and sneak into all of the others…I could see all the movies playing in one weekend! Life was fun then – I even got all my haircuts at the styling salon in Monkey Wards. I truly think they could have just built me a room there!

Big Town Weekends is excited to extend its tradition of quality entertainment into a new generation. Opening its doors in July of 2013, Big Town has already begun to draw attention for its renovations, and will celebrate its second opening with a lineup of exciting events ranging from fashion shows to culinary showcases. Each event gives attendees an opportunity to purchase exclusive products and enjoy exciting activities in the hundreds of booths that fill Big Town’s 112,000 square foot event floor.

Big Town continues to bring the people of Dallas outstanding entertainment that will provide fresh experiences in this amazing city. We are eager to open our doors and once again host thousands of visitors for weekends of fun and excitement. Join Big Town in changing the way Dallas does Weekends.